Quality certification

Certificazione di qualità DAV has obtained certification of its company production system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. The quality management system of the company is therefore based on constant monitoring of precise quality indicators that, with a view to continuous improvement, motivate us to perform our Mission.

We believe that “the quality products/services, i.e. products that are made well, are an asset to everyone. They are and remain a mark of the passion and love for our work, which generates in observers the same energy and stimulus to do something just as exceptional. Our job is not something to carry out but the “generating” of something concrete that communicates positive values, making us active protagonists in the reality.”

We hope that this has effectively described the work that has distinguished us for years and that, with the passion for our work, as well as the seriousness and commitment to customer relations, has made us one of the leading companies in this sector. Please accept our invitation to our premises so you can get hands-on experience of what we have described above.

Download the document in PDF format.