Welding and assembling

30 years of experience in welding and assembling

Thanks to the experience and professional know-how gained in 30 years and as a result of the constant effort to improve its expertise, DAV carries out different types of assembling work: We also do MIG, TIG and resistance manual, using welding robots or with rotating manipulator. Welding templates are designed and produced internally and they are specially made for each single product, according to innovative and reliable methods, which can guarantee maximum execution precision and speed in the execution.

The ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI SALDATURA (ITALIAN WELDING INSTITUTE) has granted DAV full qualification for its welding process and its welders, in compliance with the UNI-EN 287 Ed UNI EN 288 standards, drafting specific procedures applicable for angled welding of semi-finished metal products in 1 ñ 20mm thick Fe360 and Fe510.