Dav History


Angelo, Dav's present manager, used to work as a pipe maker-carpenter in a firm in Milan where, due to the crisis which spread in the sixties, work was very scarce. After he tooled up a small factory in the cellar below his house, he started to create simple iron manufactured products; he used to do keys and to repair locks and roll-up shutter by using a drill, a hacksaw and a small milling machine.


November, since it was not worth going on with his job in the firm, he devoted all his time to work on his own. In two years time he succeeded in moving to a basement of about 200 square metres, in Affori (Milan).


By this time he had gained some experience and acquired new clients. He was able to buy a shearing machine, a sheet-bending machine as well as an industrial welding machine and other smaller pieces of equipment, so to enable him to build rail fences, front gates, thermic and sanitary systems.


In this year, Mr. Vavassori met an artisan and he began working with him. Soon afterwards they became good friends. A mutual co-operation began and they started to build manufactured products for the building sector (iron doors, cabinets, conveyors and so on ...), until a new client in the bus body sector gave a new impulse to the two partners.


Dav was created: D stands for firm ("ditta" in Italian) while A and V are the initials of Mr. Angelo Vavassori. In this year the two men rented a shed and a building at the same address in Rho, where they moved in January 1970.


The two partners went on with their co-operation although they preferred to keep their clients' orders and interests separated because work had developed in two different ways for each man.


Dav buys its first shed which measures 1200 square metres and enlarges its fleet of cars, succeeding in producing bus structures on chassis at a daily rate of 6 on three work shifts.


In order to develop the body department, as well as the department of industrial manufactured goods, Mr. Vavassori builds another shed, which measures 600 square metres, as well as a small block of flats.


Due to the crisis of the Arabian States, where they exported the majority of the produced vehicles, the big production ends all of a sudden and, at the same time, the crisis in the building sector begins.


Dav designs and produces some prototypes of bus body but mainly Motorhomes: this was the first firm in the sector that built fully aluminium bodies on its own as well as for other companies specialised in caravans and camping vehicles. Mr. Vavassori produced a Motorhome for the racing team Ferrari, another one for the racing stable Elf Renault as well as for a great number of cross-country motorcycle racing teams and go-cart teams.


1982 A very negative year! The crisis was very bad and, in that unlucky year, his friend and partner suddenly passed away leaving everybody sad and afflicted.


Mr. Vavassori spends a lot of time researching alternative products such as the production of parts and components for the lift industry, the construction of structures for generators, trucks, ladders, minibuses and special vehicles for airport transport service, museum furniture design (e.g. Milan Natural History Museum, Aosta Numismatic Museum, Ticino Park Museum, etc..), travelling libraries and street furniture.


In order to better satisfy the requirements of the various product sectors in which he was trying to enter, Mr. Vavassori decides to adopt new technologies; therefore, he installs a 22 stations CNC punching machine and he replaces most of his old machines with technologically most advanced and productive ones. At the same time, he hires three new workers to work in the company.


Dav, which by now had become one of the leading companies in the sector, purchases the first laser-cutting centre, therefore doing a qualitative leap which allows the company to diversify its production and to attract new clients.


Dav purchases a shed, which measures 1000 square metres, and equips it with the second laser-cutting centre; it also buys a bending machine with 9 hydraulic axes. In this way, it enlarges its engineering department.


Mr.Vavassori is aided by his eldest son who, once taken his university degree, prepares the company to do a qualitative leap which will lead to the certification of its production system, according to the UNI EN ISO 9001.


Dav has already doubled its fleet of cars and it is now planning the construction of a new production settlement of 3000 square metres plus 600 square metres for office use.