Bending department has 8 CNC machines from 50 to 500 Tons with the following characteristics:


  • Useful bending length: from 2 to 5 meters
  • Useful folding height: up to 1 meter


We have a wide range of tools to perform almost every type of bends and, if necessary, we adopt bending customized moulds for the customer’s specific needs.
There are also 2 robotic bending cells with 5 unloading stations, an integrated automatic labeling station and a large number of grippers to handle both small metal parts and large panels.
The bending robots allow us to combine precision with execution speed, reducing costs and satisfying most of our customers’s needs.
We believe in the development of integration between production and digital technologies, so our bending cells are fully integrated with the company’s software for real-time monitoring of production data.
This allows us to continuously improve our processes and ensure consistent quality over time.
The bending process, organized according to the principles of the 4.0 industry, allows us to benefit from the advantages introduced by this new industrial revolution.
The department is also equipped with calanders for sheets up to L=2.500 mm and thickness=6mm, which allow us to obtain high precision on curved parts, according to the most varied