Laser Cutting

Quality, flexibility and fast delivery are guaranteed thanks to the wide range of Laser Cutting machines.
We have 4 Laser Cutting plants fully integrated with an automatic warehouse for loading and unloading of metal sheets.
Laser system ensures a constant quality of cutting on the whole surface of the material and a high finishing of the cutting surface with competitive tolerances for every thickness and material.
DAV Laser Cutting processing is certified according to EN 1090 class EXC-4, the highest class.
The maximum sizes and thicknesses of materials cut by laser systems are:


  • Max. sheet size = 2.000 x 4.000 mm
  • Max. sheet thickness = 20 mm for stainless steel and carbon steel
  • Max. sheet thickness = 12 mm for Aluminum


The automatic storage system is equipped with an internal stacker crane and 430 cassettes that can store up to 1.200 Tons of sheet metal of different sizes and types. In this way we guarantee the constant availability of the main materials such as, for example:

  • Pickled and polished steel for cold forming (DD11 , DC01- DC04…)
  • Low-alloy steel for structural applications (S235JR, S355J2+N…)
  • High strength steel (S355MC, S420MC, S500-700MC)
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel (DX51D, S250GD, HX380 LAD ….)
  • Cold formed stainless steel (Type 304, Type 316L) with 2B, BA e Scotch Brite finishing
  • Hot formed stainless steel (Type 304, Type 316L)
  • Ferritic stainless steel (Type 441 , Type 430) con finitura 2B, BA e Scotch Brite
  • Duplex stainless steel (1.4462)
  • Aluminum alloys (1050, 5754, 6060,6082, 6061, 5083)


The automatic storage system is integrated with the IT network of the company. This integration ensures the right traceability of materials and moreover assists laser cutting machines without the presence of operators allowing us to have high production capacity and the possibility of unattended shifts.
The technology and software integration amongst laser machines and the sheet metal warehouse make production data available in real time with benefits in terms of flexibility, increased production efficiency, reduced processing times and waste.
Industry 4.0 is already a consolidated way of operating.

Un magazzino automatico dotato di n.430 cassetti con un traslo-elevatore interno consente di stoccare fino a 1.200 Ton di lamiera. Il magazzino è integrato con la rete informatica aziendale per asservire in automatico tre impianti di taglio laser oltre a garantire in ogni momento la rintracciabilità dei materiali.